Wednesday, June 04, 2003

This is me.... :)

I made the clothing for the doll above I wanted it to look like me :) In style and looks....I didn't make the base it came from hazyjane she's got pretty one's! I also made a new blinkie it's to the bottom it says"Cuban Woman" I couldn't find any blinkies like that so I decided to make one!!! I didn't write last night cause I fell asleep around 10pm, I can't believe I lasted all day and night awake cause I didn't sleep last night! oh well :) Now I know better. I was at work yestarday and it was almost time to leave so what I did was I told my mom I will be right back (cause I work w/her and my bro)and I went downstairs lol there's a shoe store down there hehe!!!! and I bought 2 pairs of shoes some pretty black ones and some cute TALL!! blue sandals which im wearing now with a jean skirt. I'm about 5'6'' these make me about 5'8'' yay!! I'm taller hee hee. I didn't get to paint yestarday yes I know I keep putting it off. Just because I was so tired that when I went to rest my eyes yeah right, I fell asleep till 4am and woke up again at 8am so there :) I got to talk to Nicole the night before it was fun :P I always have fun talking to her. Well I have to go now there's more stuff to do hopefully I will get outta here early it feels like a friday and I really wanna go see my cousin she had an operation yestarday.....so maybe I could help her out w/stuff, like talking care of my lil cousin. So........l8


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